What Should You Do After Determining a Leak in Your Furnace

You’d never have to deal with unexpected appliance malfunctions in an ideal world, but that’s not the case. When you arrive home, difficulties may be waiting for you.


Leaks are a typical problem with furnaces. They happen for various reasons, some big and others are trivial.

If your furnace is leaking water when you get home, you’ll almost certainly need a specialist to come out and diagnose the problem. However, staying informed about the many components of your home never hurts.


In this post, go over the most common causes of water leaks in a furnace and where to find HVAC services. 

Why Is Furnace Leaking Water?

If you determine water around the base of your furnace, you should address it immediately. Water damage is serious and can affect other parts of your house, such as the ceiling, walls, and floors. Mold is also a problem.


Learn the most prevalent causes of furnace leaks to figure out what’s going on if it happens to you.

Air Conditioner Leak 

Furnaces and air conditioners are occasionally used at the same time in mild areas. When using your air conditioner, the condensation pan fills up, and water spills over the heating system.


This makes it appear to have a water leak from your furnace, but it’s the air conditioner. When this happens, make sure to seek air conditioner repairs.

Clogged Filter

The airflow through the furnace coil will be restricted if the filter in your furnace is dusty and blocked. This frequently results in coil freezing. It does, however, occasionally cause water to leak and pool around the furnace.


Examine the condition of your furnace’s air filter regularly and replace it if it’s dirty.

Condensation Leak

One of the most rampant causes of a furnace leak is this. Many furnaces have a high-efficiency rating, which means they have an AFUE of 90 or more. This furnace has two heat exchangers that aid in producing greater heat.


Condensation generated by heat production must be transferred out of your home via pipes. The majority of the time, this is accomplished by a floor drain.


Condensation will leak around the furnace base if these pipes become clogged or break. There is a risk of water damage as the water begins to collect and pool.

Heat Exchanger Issue 

An issue with your furnace’s heat exchanger could result in a water leak, one of the most expensive repairs. If you’ve looked into all of the other likely sources of a leak and still can’t find it, the heat exchanger could be the culprit.

A new unit may be required. A technician will be able to tell you whether or not this is necessary.

Humidifier Leak

A break or clog in the humidifier is another reason your furnace spills water. These devices connect to your plumbing system to add moisture to the air. Water will start dripping around the furnace if there is a breakdown or if they become clogged.

Plumbing Leak 

If your furnace is leaking water, the problem may be with the plumbing rather than the furnace. Possibly, there won’t be a problem with the furnace’s components, which is a positive thing. The leak, on the other hand, must be rectified.


The furnace leaks when a clogged or broken plumbing line causes a backup in the drainage system. These pipes must be fixed or replaced.

What Should You Do After Determining a Leak in Your Furnace 

You must act quickly if you observe water dripping from your furnace or accumulating at the base. Before a specialist arrives in your home to diagnose the problem, there are a few things you should do.


First, turn off the entire system. There should be a switch adjacent to or on the furnace. If you can’t find it, switch off the breaker to the unit.

You’ll have to remove all of the accumulated water around the base. Water damage occurs quickly. Thus it’s critical to soak up all of the water completely. You’ll need to rent a wet-dry vacuum if you have a lot of water.


Check the air filter next. You’ll need to purchase and install a new filter if it’s unclean and blocked.

If you can pinpoint where the leak is coming from, you’ll have a fair idea of what the issue is. However, you’ll almost certainly require professional assistance.

Using the Services of a Professional Furnace Repair Company

A trained expert will be able to detect a leaking furnace promptly and tell you what needs to be done. You must pick a reliable business in your neighborhood with HVAC system knowledge.


Some firms only work with air conditioning services, so ensure the selected company has experience with furnaces.


Maintaining your furnace and keeping an eye out for any operating concerns is best to avoid problems. Having your furnace checked and tuned up annually helps extend the life of the equipment and reduces energy costs.


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