I hate when this happens...

Imagine: You had a wonderful day. Woke up on time, feeling great, and the kids got right up and got out the door on time. Work is going AWESOME! Your moving through your checklist you needed to get done and you have some exciting things happening for your big meeting tomorrow! You driving home thinking, I want to make a couple more adjustments to my presentation before tomorrow when I get home. Then it hits you! The first thing you hear when walking in the door, "It's so hot in here and I'm hungry!". The kids and pets in the house are miserable. Everyone is complaining. Phone is ringing from someone at work. Then you realize how hot a miserable it is outside and inside your house!!

That's right your air conditioner has stopped working... 

Be proactive so your AWESOME days are not interrupted by a hot miserable day and leave you waiting for serviceman showing up to your home. 

Most breakdowns occur on the hottest day of the year, family gatherings, after normal work ours and when you have a big day planned tomorrow!

Top Five Things You Can Do To Keep Your Air Conditioner Running This Summer

1. Air Filter

A properly working air conditioner needs a clean furnace filter installed. The indoor coil requires good air flow across it to keep your home cool. 

2. Obstructions Around Outside Condenser

The AC condenser is the unit set outside. The condenser can get obstructed by plants, and so forth. Remove any obstructions and trim plants back from unit.

3. Examine Thermostat

Make sure it is working properly. Your home should be able to maintain the right temperature in the home. If you have an older, mechanical type thermostat, you may want to consider upgrading. 

4. Visual & Audible Inspections

Recommend once a week taking a walk around and visually inspect & listen to AC & Furnace. (Trash Night is a good reminder) If you see or hear anything different you may consider calling for service or using our "Free Ask The Expert" service. Try to capture a video if possible. 

 5. Schedule Professional Maintenance and Cleaning

Air Conditioning maintenance is the best way to ensure it will operate at peak performance, reduce energy bills and minimizing the chance of a costly breakdowns.
Yearly air conditioner maintenance makes sense. It is an expensive piece of equipment you rely on to keep you comfortable and cool all summer long. With a professional checking the system and providing a professional cleaning we can give you comfort in knowing you are ready to go. 

Our Air Conditioner maintenance helps homeowners enjoy the days of summer rather than be interrupted with A/C failures. 

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