Whether you’re preparing for the cold of winter or are just doing your yearly maintenance routine, one important thing to include in your checklist is to test if your furnace is working correctly. If you find that it’s not giving enough energy to keep your home warm for the next three months, don’t panic. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your furnace needs repairs right away! More often than not, problems with your furnace can be “fixed” just by troubleshooting simple problems. 

Before you pick up the phone, make sure you check on the following things:

The Gas Control Valve

Every furnace has a gas control valve that gives it the power to heat the furnace. Your gas valve may not be on—but remember that gas valves stay closed for a reason! If you had purchased the home from someone else, they probably had their reasons why it was off. 

So in the name of safety precautions, if you notice that it’s out, call in a professional and have them deal with it.

The Breaker Box

Check your breaker box to see if the problem is in the power system. You may just have blown a fuse, which can be fixed easily. It’s also possible that the breakers may have been just flipped. Switching it back on might do the trick right away!

The Power Disconnect Switch

As trivial as it sounds, it may be possible that your furnace’s power switch is simply turned off. A plumber or repair guy may have hit the switch by accident while taking a look at something else. If your house is new, it’s likely that it just hasn’t been switched on yet to save on costs while it was still in the market! 

For whatever possible reason, the problem at hand can be solved by turning it back on. Imagine calling a repair guy just for him to do that!

The Air Filter

Also, consider the possibility that your furnace might not be the reason why the warmth is not evenly distributed in your home. It may be working just fine, but the hot air may not be coming through because of a backed-up air filter!

Dirty air filters can block airflow and affect the entire heating system. If your air filter is full of dirt and dust, then try having it cleaned or replacing it if it’s too far gone. Once done, test out the furnace again and see what happens. 

The Thermostat Settings

The lack of heat in your home may not be the result of a broken furnace at all. Your thermostat may just not be set to a higher temperature! To heat your home, it has to be above room temperature at around 70 degrees or so. Also, make sure that it is set on “auto” rather than “heat.” This allows the system to circulate air while the furnace is at work heating the room. 

If the thermostat is not working at all, you can simply have the batteries changed. If that doesn’t work as well, that would be the time to call in an experienced HVAC technician!


Through winter and rainy weather, a working furnace will keep you and the family warm year-round. When you know those times are fast approaching, always check if your furnace is giving enough power. After reviewing all the tips in this article and still seeing no sign of progress, that would be the best time to call an HVAC company to check it out.

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