4 Practical Tips to Consider When Replacing Your Furnace

For the average furnace, the difficulty of dealing with its different bits and pieces is inherent because of how complicated and overly-technical things can seem sometimes. Beyond having a hard time with taking care of the details of a problematic appliance, getting a replacement is also panic-inducing because of the costs involved! Yet, you’ll eventually quickly realize that having a replacement done is bound to happen sooner or later. 

Key pointers if you’re looking to get your furnace replaced

Now, while getting your furnace replaced is something that can seem rather dreadful when you look at it all from a general perspective, it’s worth noting that you can make the experience much more bearable. Before you pick the right replacement, make some arrangements, and call Good Guys Home Services, here are four tips and tricks worth considering: 

Tip #1: Search around for multiple options

Contrary to popular belief, purchasing the best furnace for your needs isn’t just about heading to a store, picking the first appliance you see, and walking out, especially if you’re particular about your experience.

Keep in mind that furnaces come in various shapes, sizes, models, options, and tiers, which correspond to certain constructions, features, and other features of your house like size and airflow. This wide array of available options means that there’s a specific heater that’s perfectly suited for your home and ticks off every box on the list of a perfect replacement and installation. 

If you don’t exactly know which appliance option would be best suited for your home’s needs, feel free to call Good Guys Home Services so that we can point you in the right direction!

Tip #2: Don’t skimp on your purchase

Unless you want to find yourself with a problem that’s twice as expensive as your replacement, it’s best to avoid the mindset of “the cheaper, the better” when you purchase a furnace.

Generally, homeowners have the worst experience with their furnace replacements when they decided to get something with a price tag that was too good to be true. By simply taking your time and going for an option that’s in the median of the price range of available options for your home, you’ll be able to avoid a terrible outcome! 

Tip #3: Calculate your efficiencies

Another critical tip that will help you ensure that you end up with the best furnace for your home’s needs is calculating the different estimates with every option’s energy usage.

Typically, you’ll be able to learn about an option’s energy consumption by checking usage ratings and other related pieces of information on the Internet or on the sales flyer. Once you calculate your efficiencies, you’ll learn about how much each option on your list has the largest potential to save you more money on monthly energy expenses—which will make choosing easier!

Tip #4: Choose the right professional for your installation

There’s one saying in the HVAC industry that goes along these lines: “check multiple times, hire once.”

If you want to put a premium on your furnace’s quality, you’ll need to put the same amount of attention and money into a professional that will help you make the swap. Instead of going for some no-name, no-review service that’s cheaper than other options, being realistic and rational by hiring a proven expert like Good Guys Home Services will ensure that: 

  • Your new furnace is running as smoothly as possible when it gets installed.
  • Your home works well with the new appliance that is installed in it.
  • Your system is restored and primed well enough to ensure that you have enough hot air all over your home.


While the process of getting your home’s furnace installed can seem like a rather dreadful and mind-numbing process, having the right tips and tricks in mind will allow you to make better decisions. Once it’s time to get your replacement, following this guide will allow you to avoid any other problems or hurdles that may arise and make things more confusing than they should be! 

If you want to learn more about how much a new furnace costs in Leesburg, FL, for your shortlist of options, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our team of experts today so we can help you choose (and install) the best furnace for your home!


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