I hope you made it through the video... LOL

Trust the process for 2021! 

Never forget those who have helped you along the way. Take the time this month to text or call someone who helped you in this field outside our Good Guys circle.  

Some big victories for us!

Over 966 reviews with 5 Stars!
Added 9 Good Guys this year 
One full year of App launching! (It has came a long way, unless you have the same phone as Eric)
Established a new location Muncie/Anderson. (Keep up the great work!)

What is next and coming up!

Opening up Columbus and Bloomington area for service
Opening up Layfayette Area (Danny Glaze will be working up there solo for awhile)
Phone system is a work in progress but getting close (Tow Truck video for those who don't remember)
Built in sales program into the app with Good, Better, Best options, automatic ordering upon approval, automatic follow up messages; directing customer to call you if they haven't approved the quote. Eventually it will kick out measurements of transitions.  Should be done in Feb 2021. 
Several other things in the App: Customer favorite provider booking improvement, ease of use for customers, some additional booking methods via Facebook, too many to list...
Hoping we get back to a normal to do more team activities. 

All great but what am I here for?

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Remember When They Said... 

"We don't have call backs, we have each others back"

JD Davis

"We provide Knowledge Over Pressure"

Beau Huffer

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