This is my favorite time of year! When we are coming out of the cold weather and seeing signs of Spring. 

Spring also means Summer is coming. Right now, things are calm, and it is the perfect time to schedule your air conditioning maintenance. It is truly a win-win time of year. 

Benefits of scheduling your maintenance between now and mid-May

  • Regular cost $99.95 and booking now it is $69.95
  • Keeps our team productive
  • Ensures your system is running efficiently 
  • Make sure your system is ready for the hot summer days & nights
  • Help avoid the break downs this Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day weekend! This is no doubt one of the busiest 2-3 days we will have all year. Many systems we find have not been maintained or, with some minor adjustments/repairs, could have been prevented the breakdown. Why Memorial Day weekend? It is Indiana, and we love race weekend! People tend to have gatherings with more people in the house, and doors open and close more. This increases the demand for the A/C system to cool the house, and then it stops working. The dirty, inefficient system can’t take the stress. Doing heating and air conditioning for a good part of my life, I have yet to make it to the Indianapolis 500. This weekend is just so busy! 

We are suggesting booking your AC maintenance. You can book now, and your current promo code will save you $30 off the booking. If you do not have a promo code, use Spring

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If you already have a promo code setup you do not need to change it. It will provide you with the $30 off. 

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