Air conditioning units are essential in many houses in the US. Still, like any other machine, they are bound to break and get damaged eventually, causing huge and costly troubles later. The best way to prevent problems is to know why they happen. This article will focus on one of the common air conditioning problems: the leaky AC coils. 

What Is the AC Coil For?

The AC coil is a component in your AC system responsible for absorbing the heat that comes from the air inside your home. It is where the heat transfer process takes place, coming from your house to the open outdoors. 

The condenser coil is comprised of several tubes filled with refrigerant liquid. The chiller found inside the coil cools down all the liquid that runs through the condenser tubing. At the end of this process, the liquid turns into cold gas distributed throughout the cooling system. 

Why Does Your AC Coil Start to Leak?

When you notice that your AC coil starts to leak, it could be due to the refrigerants found inside the coils. Refrigerants tend to expand and then cause leakage due to the following reasons:

  • Its copper tubing gets corroded. 
  • The accumulation of formic acid on the evaporator coil.
  • Creation of holes in the copper tubing due to the AC’s vibrations. 

For minor damage, repairing the unit would be possible, but in cases like the appearance of holes in the tubing, you would need to replace the evaporator coil completely. 

How to Know That Your Evaporator Is Leaking

A leaking evaporator is caused by internal corrosion. To confirm that your AC’s problem is leaky AC coils, here are some of the most common symptoms you would encounter:

  • Longer cooling time
  • Weaker airflow
  • Repeated need for refrigerant fill-ups

When you experience these signs, it would be best to call HVAC technicians so they can confirm if your hunch is true. Usually, air conditioner problems share the same symptoms, so it would be wise to seek the help of a licensed professional. They would conduct tests and inspections to know the real cause of your AC problem. More importantly, they would recommend the best solutions to your problem. 

How to Stop the AC Coil From Leaking

If you are quite sure that there is a leak in your AC and you would like to temporarily fix it while waiting for the professionals, here are some of the quick fixes you can do:

Use a Sealant

If you have sealant in your house, consider applying it to the problematic area. You can use it for the AC evaporators, condensers, copper lines, and soldered joints―anywhere it is needed. Note that this technique will only work for small to medium-sized leaks, and you might need to reapply many times before you succeed. However, multiple applications do not guarantee that you would be successful in completely stopping the leaks.

Add More Refrigerant

Another technique you can do is to keep adding refrigerant to your air conditioner. It could help temporarily but know that it is not a long-term solution. Aside from being an expensive option, too much refrigerant can also trigger internal problems later. 


Leaky AC coils can be very expensive. As soon as you notice any issues with your air conditioning unit, whether a leaky AC coil or not, consult with a licensed expert immediately. Having your unit checked every year would also help prevent problems from worsening. 

Should you need AC repair, make sure that you have a go-to HVAC contractor. If you have none yet, you can connect with qualified and experienced technicians from our platform. The Good Guys will help you find a reliable service provider to fix, maintain, and replace your air conditioners. Book online or call 317-896-0494.