Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

Doing laundry is a breeze when your washer is doing its job. But just like any appliance, a washing machine isn’t immune to faults. It helps to know the most common problems to watch out for, so you can repair them before they develop into more serious problems.


When you recognize the signs of an impending breakdown, you can also start saving for a new washer instead of frequently spending money on repairs.


Here are the common washing machine problems and solutions:

Problem # 1: The washing machine is leaking.

No homeowner wants to see a leaking washing machine: aside from being a slip and fall hazard, it can encourage mold growth and potentially create an electrical fire. Therefore, it’s crucial to shut off power to the machine, mop excess water, and get it fixed immediately.

Your washing machine may be leaking for many reasons:

– Your washer needs to leveled
– You’re using too much detergent
– You’ve overloaded the washer
– Burst waterline and hose, worn gasket, faulty pump, loose supply valves

To fix the issue, you may have to tighten the supply valves, repair or replace certain parts, or level the washing machine.

Thoroughly inspect the pipes and hoses, as well as the gasket and seals, to locate and troubleshoot the issue. If you aren’t confident in what you’re doing, call a local plumber for help.

Problem # 2: The washing machine won’t start.

The causes can vary, but fortunately, it’s possible to fix the issue on your own.


Checking the power source is the first step you need to take. Make sure the outlet is working. Check for a blown fuse or a thrown circuit breaker by testing the outlet using another device.


If power source isn’t the issue, here’s what you can do instead:


– Check if you’ve hit the control lock or delay start button. Or, you may just completely restart and reset the wash cycle.
– Make sure the door switch is properly engaged. Otherwise, you may have to replace it. The next steps will vary depending on the model of your washer, so check the owner’s manual first.
– Check the washing machine fuse, control knob, control board, and washer motor. If any of these parts are malfunctioning, they need to be replaced or replaced.

Problem # 3: The washing machine won’t drain or spin.

Items such as coins and jewelry can get stuck in the washer drain and keep your washing machine from working properly. Regularly checking the filter for debris, build-up or grime may help avoid this problem.

A clogged drain hose may also be the culprit. If this is the case, simply remove the drain hose and check for any obstruction.

Contact a local plumber for reliable washing machine repair

Problems with your washer? Call our repair technician to properly diagnose the issue and perform the necessary repairs. We’ll also let you know if ever the washer needs to be replaced completely.


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