A fully functional furnace is important in keeping your house nice and warm over the cold months. But knowing when to call an HVAC service provider to repair your furnace before the system breaks down is the key to keeping you comfortable day after day.

Here are signs of the most common furnace issues you must know, especially since the cold season is here, convincing you to spend most of your days keeping yourself warm at home.

Not Enough Hot Air

Whether you’re a new homeowner or have been living in your house for years, you will get a sense of whether your heating system is working properly. It’s best to observe that the heat should kick in in a matter of minutes, providing equal warmth throughout the house.

In case you have set the furnace thermostat at your usual comfort level but feel that your place is not well-heated at all, check the vents and air filters. If there is not enough hot air coming from the vents and you’ve already cleaned your air filters, your ductwork may be dirty.

Ducts out of commission for months are prone to accumulating dust and debris that can limit the hot air that flows in the house. Call your HVAC contractor for a duct cleaning service to address the issue, and you should feel a significant improvement afterward.

Cold Air Coming Out of the Vents

Furnaces have different starting mechanisms. As the name implies, starting mechanisms are used to begin the fire in furnaces as the system’s heat source. Older ones typically feature pilot lights as a starting mechanism, while newer models usually have electric ignitions.

When you switch on the thermostat to provide heat and feel cold air in the vents, you first need to check your temperature settings. Ensure that it indicates at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s not in auto mode. 

If the thermostat is set as it should, check your furnace. In case the gas valve is on, but you don’t see a glow in the furnace, chances are you have a faulty starting system in your hands. 

Many factors prove why the starting mechanism fails. It can range from dirty sensors to overuse. But don’t worry because your HVAC service provider can quickly repair or replace your furnace’s starting mechanism. You have to remember to never use a match to light a furnace with the gas valve still on. It is extremely dangerous and may cause an explosion.

No Air from the Vents

The furnace circulates hot air around your home through the vents. Its blower is responsible for forcing the air out of the system, through the ducts, and into the house.

If you can’t feel air coming from the vents when you turn on the furnace’s thermostat, you first need to check if the furnace is powered on. When there is no power issue, and the furnace seems to be working, but there is still no air coming from the vents, you’re likely facing a blower issue. It’s best to get in touch with your HVAC contractor to assess the problem thoroughly.

From worn-out blower bearings to a failing blower belt, there are several reasons why your furnace’s blower is not working. Don’t fret because it’s relatively easy to find replacement parts to address your furnace’s blower problem.


Your home can be your refuge from the cold of the winter months. However, a broken furnace can take that away from you. 

Learning about common furnace issues and their signs can help you catch the problem before it becomes an issue that can break the whole system down. One of the best ways to ensure that your furnace is in great working order for the winter every year is to schedule annual duct cleaning and furnace tune-ups with your most trusted HVAC service provider.

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