When it comes to a heating system, a furnace is one of the most reliable units any household will ever need. It serves to warm the space of your home during cold months. However, you need to ensure that it remains in top shape and working condition just when you and your family need it the most. Unfortunately, this heating system isn’t designed to last forever, and the time will come when potential issues arise as your furnace is subject to wear and tear. When these happen, getting it fixed as soon as possible is imperative to get it up and running again.

In this article, we will share five common furnace problems that you can face at home and how professional furnace repairs near you can be helpful:

  1. Mechanical wear

    Over the years of constant use and abuse, the time will come when your furnace will have some problems with its mechanical parts or components. In fact, its average lifespan ranges between 15 to 20 years. If you have long invested in your furnace, you can expect it to experience many mechanical wear and tear situations. When faced with these problems, you will have to have it repaired or replaced.

  2. Filter problem

    It’s common and easy to see many households having some problems with the furnace filter. This filter serves to trap dirt, dust, allergens, and other debris to ensure your unit runs smoothly and efficiently. But over time, it can get clogged or even completely damaged. In fact, it’s highly recommended to have your filter changed or replaced regularly. That way, you can maintain the air circulation quality at home and the normal functioning of your furnace.

  3. Malfunctioning thermostat

    A thermostat is a regulating device that maintains the temperature of your heating unit. This control allows you to manipulate and adjust its settings. But nothing can be more frustrating than having a malfunctioning thermostat. As a result, your home will get warm no matter how many times you’ve adjusted the setting. For this reason, getting it inspected and repaired is a must so that optimal indoor temperatures are maintained.

  4. Pilot control concern

    For the uninitiated, the pilot refers to the small flame that ignites your furnace as soon as you turn it on. However, you need to pay particular attention to this, as the last thing you’ll ever want to deal with is a burnt-out flare or any other fire issues. If left unattended, it can compromise your safety and that of your family. This is why you must contact a professional technician to have it inspected and fixed properly and safely!

  5. Blocked airflow

    A blocked airflow can be another problem that you’ll encounter with your furnace, which usually occurs when your unit is clogged or backed up. As such, regular cleaning and maintenance of your pipes and ducts in the system are necessary. With continuous airflow, your furnace will work properly, keeping your home warm and family comfortable throughout the day.


At this point, we’ve covered five common furnace issues you must be on the lookout for—mechanical wear, filter problem, malfunctioning thermostat, pilot control concern, and blocked airflow. If you see one or some of these issues, be sure to contact an HVAC specialist immediately to get your furnace taken care of. Ultimately, having regular furnace upkeep will make a difference in its overall efficiency, optimal performance, and longevity!

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