Humidifier: Recently USA Today did an article regarding humidifiers to ease coronvirus symptoms with the ranking of which ones are best in the home (USA Today Article).

As an Heating and Air Conditioning Company, we would like you to be careful about which option you choose. We run several Emergency Service Furnace calls every year from some of the mentioned humidifiers in the USA Today article.

First the good things about adding humidity to your home beyond the CDC recommendations!

  • Some homeowners will look to add humidity in the home to protect musical instruments

Most people will look to a humidifier to provide comfort

  • Not having a humidifier in the home will lead to:
    • Dry air leads to itchy dry skin
    • Dry air allows for germs to spread easier in the home
    • Some people will suffer nose bleeds from the dry air
    • Static electricity in the home (even for your pets)
    • It can also help the home feel warmer!

You can have a whole-house humidifier added to your current heating system in the home. One humidifier can help provide comfort to the whole home. This will eliminate the need to buy multiple small units for the house that requires attention daily. You can book a free quote online if you would like to consider adding one to your home.

The major concerns about using the majority of the individual room humidifiers in the article. You must follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The main problem that is overlooked is the use of regular tap water! Most of the manufactures will require you to use distilled water. Sure the systems will work with regular tap water but not at the expense of having your furnace shut down. Using the humidifier with tap water will put out a bi-product of the water and cause a white powder substance in the air. When your furnace is operating it will pull those particles into your ductwork and clog your furnace filter. We have seen furnace filters clog after 3-4 days of use of the standalone humidifier. We get the late service calls at nights/weekends saying the “furnace isn’t working”! Clients will check the air filter and because it is a white powder, the filter looks 100% clean! The reality is if you shake the air filter, you will see a white cloud.

When I am on this type of call and ask the customer where their standalone humidifier is at? The customers look at me strangely every time. Often times the humidifier is in their bedroom on the second floor and we are in the basement.

Johnine Firari

The filter is so full of the “white powder” it doesn’t let the furnace move enough air and causes it to overheat and overheat until it locks itself out from running or worst it causes other damage to the actual furnace.

Please is you opt to use your standalone humidifier, check the instructions. Do not skip the distilled water.

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