Why my furnace is not working?

The best answer to this question is that only a diagnosis can tell exactly why the furnace is not working. Your furnace may not work because of several problems. Top on that list is airflow problems. So, you may want to check filters first to ensure that they are clean. To prevent this problem, ensure that you are replacing the filters at the recommended time. Maintain a regular clean-up for your furnace. Ignitor problems can prevent the furnace from powering on. The only sure way to know what is happening is to have a professional check your unit.

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Why is my furnace not blowing hot air?

If the furnace is working but not blowing hot air or it is blowing cold air, it means it is not working as it should. Again, several problems can cause this issue. If the thermostat settings are wrong, you can expect the air blown not to meet the recommended levels. Check if the thermostat is working correctly. Also, check the signs of clogging in the air filters to ensure that they are letting inadequate air.

Why did my furnace stop working?

Chances are that there is an ignition system problem. When you fire up the furnace, it should activate the ignition process. Any problem related to the igniter or pilots will likely cause problems. Again, you may need to check all airflow issues before you can think of other problems. Check the air filters and air ducts to rule out airflow issues. Check the thermostat to be sure it is not faulty or improperly set.

Why my furnace won’t stay on?

The furnace is designed to rely on the available airflow to make decisions. If the airflow is poor, the heat exchanger will be too hot within a short time, switching off the system. The exchanger is designed to continuously lose heat to the surrounding air. If the air is already too hot, the heat exchanger will immediately disconnect shutting down the furnace soon after powering it. The furnace will keep shutting off until you fix the underlying issue.

Why my furnace is leaking water?

Leakages often come from the condensate line. It could be a faulty line, drain, pump, or any other issue related to condensation. If you see water leakage from your furnace, power off the system and call a technician immediately.

Why does my furnace fan keep running?

Normally, a fan should only run when the furnace is heating. The furnace should cycle gently and not continuously. If the fan keeps running, there must be a problem with the limit switch. A technician can diagnose this thermostat problem.

Whenever you have a heating problem, calling a furnace technician is the best approach. Some of the furnace problems can easily become tragic if they go unchecked. The best approach is to ensure proper inspection and diagnosis of the problems. Call a Good Guy technician today for conclusive and long-lasting furnace solutions.