Most air conditioning problems can be fixed through proper diagnosis and repair. Problems with capacitors, evaporator coils, compressors, and many others can cause problems with your current unit.

Why my Air Conditioning unit is not cooling the house?

You may experience this or experience a scenario where the cooling is not adequate. This answer is not for a running system. The causes of this problem include dirty evaporator coils, the thermostat is not set correctly, and problems with the refrigerant. All these problems require professional diagnosis and servicing. Even though you can do most of the cleaning, it is all you can do if you don’t have any other AC repair background.

Why my Air Conditioning won’t turn off

Two issues can cause this problem notably a stuck relay or a dysfunctional thermostat. A thermostat is the brain behind the functioning of the air conditioning unit. If it is not working, you can expect the AC unit to struggle. The relay does most of the tasks that involve control. It determines when the fan will stop running or any other task by inhibiting electrical connection.

Why my Air Conditioning unit is frozen or freezing?

Most heating and air conditioning unit problems tend to revolve around airflow. Inadequate airflow into the unit can lead to condensation in the coils. When this continues, it leads to freezing. If you call a technician to check this problem, he or she will most likely start with checking the airflows followed by checking the refrigerant level. He or she will also want to check thermostat functionality and fan speed.

Why my Air Conditioning unit won’t power on?

You can self-diagnose this problem. Check if the circuit breaker has tripped before calling the technician. You can easily fix the circuit breaker problem on the panel. You can also check the integrity of the fuses. Once you rule out the circuit breaker, you can go to the thermostat. Beyond that, you may need to check drain pans and lines, filters, and any other item that can affect airflows.

Why my AC unit won’t power off?

Problems with the contactor or capacitors could result in power failure preventing the unit from powering off. As the air-conditioning units become older, they tend to develop problems with the controls. Even if you try to power the unit on, it will refuse to power on.

Why my Air Conditioning unit is leaking?

If the unit is leaking water, the problem could be related to evaporator coils. This is usually an issue when the evaporator coil starts to freeze. The idea is that you should call your AC repair company immediately to prevent possible water damage. Leaking refrigerant is an emergency. You should shut down the system and call the experts to examine the extent of the damage.

If you are experiencing any of the following air conditioning unit problems, Good Guy technicians are ready to help. They have the experience and technical capacity to do all the tests that will help solve the problem.

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