While furnaces are built to last, many of them run into problems over time, especially during the winter season when they are on for long periods. Generally, the furnace will not perform efficiently whenever a malfunction occurs. However, there are some cases where the furnace itself is perfectly fine, but rather that the furnace was not set up properly to keep the home warm.

In other words, the main problem lies in the installation of the furnace, where it was not appropriately setup when installed. If you want to setup your furnace correctly, here are four steps you must take:

1. Go through the basics

HVAC installers would typically carry out the basics during the installation, but in some cases, they make mistakes. Fortunately, they are processes you can easily do. For example, you can check to make sure that the gas shutoff valve can be turned without a wrench and you do not smell any gas leaks. Other tasks also include testing the thermostat to see if it was set up properly. Make sure you have a clean and properly sized air filter installed. Again, HVAC professionals will generally do these basics, but it never hurts to do them yourself! Plus, you can run through them as part of a maintenance scheme to keep your HVAC in good condition.

2. Do some clocking

When clocking a furnace, you will need to calculate how much gas your furnace is getting. You are essentially clocking the meter to ensure the right amount of gas is being delivered into the fixture. It can be quite tough to do on your own, so we highly recommend calling an HVAC technician to clock your furnace. With the experts from Good Guys Home Services, we will do the necessary calculations and adjustments to maximize your furnace’s performance. Plus, this will improve its efficiency, helping you save money in the long run.

3. Check the venting

Your furnace will have a vent pipe to get rid of combustion gases from your furnace. Yet, the vent can sometimes get blocked. However, there are cases where the vent is the wrong size and design, hurting its performance and efficiency. There are even some cases where it was installed directly to the chimney, leading to potential problems, although this is mostly an issue only with older homes. Regardless, if you think your vents are old, be sure to hire an HVAC technician to check out the vent. They have the tools to verify your furnace’s ability to vent and will carry out the necessary actions to ensure it performs optimally.

4. Do a combustion test

As the name implies, the combustion test is to check whether or not your furnace is combusting properly. In other words, it checks if your furnace is appropriately and safely burning gas. You will need a combustion analyzer to do this and take multiple readings inside the vent pipe and around your home. This checks if the gas is emitted into the room and whether the vent is properly emitting gas. If you do not have the knowledge or tools to do this right, be sure to hire an HVAC technician to do the job right!


At this point, you now know that the tests above are essential to ensure that your furnace is appropriately commissioned to guarantee peak performance and efficiency. Since the tests will often need expert hands, working with a team of professionals to examine your furnace is one of the most critical steps to get it running well, especially when you need it during winter. As such, always be sure to work only with reliable and trustworthy HVAC experts to ensure that your furnace is commissioned properly!

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